KYC & Auditing services

These two things are an absolute must if you want your project to succeed. Alpha Ape offers these services at a price that is beneficial for your project while still giving you the same protection as others in the industry following the golden standards of security.

While project passes KYC verification, an certificate of KYC verification will be published on our website and on our GitHub repository as publicly viewable to build the trust within the community and new possible investors.


Request an KYC or Audit separately or in an affordable combined package

You can request our security services with ease by using the simple form. 

KYC & Audit standalone pricing

1.5 BNB for KYC
2 BNB for Audit with 3-5days delivery
2.5 BNB for Audit with 2 days delivery

KYC + Audit Package

3 BNB with 3-5 days delivery of Audit + Instant KYC

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